Featured Clients

Bloinka's customers include restaurants, sport's bars and grills, auto dealerships, car repair, martial arts studios, eye care and more.

Wherever businesses have local in-store customers and want to engage current and potential customers online and on their mobile device, Bloinka provides business owners an easy-to-use tool to communicate to their customers where ever they go.

BLOINKA! customers harness their advertising and marketing potential and deliver live and on-going information to their In-Store Digital Signage, Mobile APP Solution and Integrated Web Site as well as actively engage customers on Facebook, FourSquare and more.

Consider having BLOINKA! empower your business’ and start enjoying the following benefits:

  • Store Digital Signage / Display
  • Robust and Integrated Mobile APP
  • Fully Automated Web Site Solution
  • Active Social Media Integration Built Into the Entire Solution
  • Increased Level of On-Going Content for Search Engines
  • On-Going Search Marketing Support Level
  • Marketing & Promotional Material Support